MSIL caters to diverse customer segments and believe in creating a delight thru our products. We respect the individuality and unique taste of each customer & take pride in fulfilling his aspirations.

In order to do so Maruti Genuine Accessories provides a wide range of 1600 plus accessories, which helps customer make a style statement by making his car look rich & glamorous. Today accessorizing your car has become "Way of Life".

Keeping this in mind we make MGA products as perfect amalgam of Quality, Durability, Aesthetics and Designing. By making customers aware of true quality in accessories, MGA has always set new standards in the car accessories market. WELCOME to the house of MARUTI GENUINE ACCESSORIES.

Caution : Customers are advised to use only Maruti Genuine Accessories for Quality, Performance, Safety and to keep their vehicle warranty intact.


Maruti Genuine Accessories are developed keeping in mind the customer's requirements. They follow the highest standards of design to make your car stand out from the rest. The accessories are tailor made for Maruti Suzuki vehicles.


The meticulous development processes are the same as those followed in the manufacturing of Maruti Suzuki vehicles. Being produced by Maruti for Maruti, every Maruti Genuine Accessory is electrically and mechanically compatible with the vehicle. The same laboratory facilities and highly trained engineers who test the vehicle and vehicle-components also test the Maruti Genuine Accessories.

After sales support
  • Customers are advised not to tamper with any electrical wiring of the car.
  • Cutting off any wire connected directly to the battery while fitting stereo systems, central locking, power windows or any other electronic equipment will damage the Electronic Control Module.
  • The damage thus caused by fitment of any other accessory other than Maruti Genuine Accessories to the electrical circuitry will not be covered under warranty.
Packages & Deals

Big on Style, Light on Pocket
MGA has recently launched combo packages for various Maruti Suzuki car models. Combo packages, a bundle of popular accessories, are smart solution to fully accessorize your Maruti. The packages are available on multiple price points.

Advantages of MGA Combo Packages are:
  1. Unmatched Price.
  2. Best Quality.
  3. Tailor made accessories.
  4. All India After Sales Support.
  5. No impact on Vehicle Warranty.
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